August 6, 2015


Are you a trained first aide, first responder, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)/ paramedic or Fire? Maybe you are not trained yet, but want to become one?

Looking to help your community? To make a difference when a disaster strikes – be it a car accident, or heart attack, or hurricane? Want to be able to handle emergencies calmly? Be ready for when your friends or family get sick or injured?

Across the country, there are thousands of organizations that rely on volunteers to answer the call every single day. Some are called emergency medical services (EMS) or perhaps first aid or rescue squads. Others are an ambulance corps or something else. But, regardless of name, when you need help, men and women of all ages, and all backgrounds, join together to respond to the emergency. In many cases, these people didn’t have any medical training ahead of time – they are normally students or housewives, salesmen or teachers, accountants or engineers but when the radio sounds, they become a team of dedicated unpaid professionals.

Attached below you will find our volunteer membership application. Key things that must be turned in:

1 Application

2 Criminal Background

3 Driving record


Dunn Emergency Services Application


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