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Dunn Rescue Squad, Inc. was organized on 1965 to provided prehospital care to the citizens of Dunn and surrounding areas. Dunn Rescue was a total volunteer department until 1989 when the squad hired its first employees to provide daytime coverage. In 1992, Dunn Rescue Squad became the first provider in Harnett county to offer its citizens Paramedic level services. The department was staffed by approximately 40 volunteers and 8 full time employees. Paramedic level services are provided to the citizens of Dunn and surrounding areas 24 hours a day utilizing a combination of first response vehicle paramedics at night and on weekends and paramedic staffed ambulances during weekdays between 6 am and 6 pm. In July of 2008, Dunn Rescue Squad, Inc. merged with the City of Dunn Fire Department to form Dunn Emergency Services, Inc. With the new merger, 9 new full time firefighters were hired for 24 hour fire coverage for the city of Dunn. The department now consists of our Chief, Assistant Chief, Administrative Assistant , 9 full time EMT-Paramedics, 12 full time Firefighters and our dedicated volunteers and juniors.


The Dunn Emergency Services, Inc. currently answers approximately 5000 EMS calls each year and approximately 900 fire calls a year. Our volunteer membership provides much of the strength behind this volume of calls. Interested individuals at least 18 years of age living within our response district may apply for membership with Dunn Emergency Services, Inc. Dunn Emergency Services, Inc. also offers membership programs for individuals that live outside of our response area. Volunteers have the ability to train specifically for fire or EMS, however if they wish to do so they may do both. For more information call us at (910) 892-1211.


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